Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey it's Jeff's birthday

My brother turned 21 today, we're going to try to get him drunk at Reggies then go to the practice spot and make NOISE

lot's of new muisc, haven't gone through it yet. got listening to LCD Soundsystem - the Nike Original Run thing. I really liked the Aesop Rock one. Got Jaylib as well as the new Madvillain, both worth a few listens. Spank Rock, Soko, Skream, Shawn Lee (how do those go together...? Lemme get back to yous)

Me and Murda Mike laid down some grooves yesterday - I will for sure be choppin' them up when i have a direction. I have some remixes/mash-ups that I'm going to post soon - Feist, Gorillaz, Mirah, NOMO, Biggie, Common

Das whatsup.

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